Help’s Here has developed the practical and user friendly childcare management program you have been waiting for.
This program has been developed by several daycare owner/operators who have expressed interest in timesaving but user-friendly management tools. Never again miss immunization dates, government funding deadlines, or training requirements. Help’s Here will alert you before due dates, tabulate student attendance, keep staff hours, create weekly food menus, or write form letters to parents, all at the click of a button or touch of the screen.
Our remote student and employee check-in pad automatically keeps track of attendance and employee hours. The feeding/changing form keeps track of when each infant was changed or fed.
This interactive tour will show you all of the functions which have been designed to make the childcare director more efficient. At the click of a button you can easily reach all the functions which enable you to keep track of children's attendance, parents payments, employee hours, meals, or print government forms. Tasks that take you hours now will take you minutes or seconds. All navigation buttons are active. Try them.