Help's Here For Childcare Management Help's Here LLC for Small Business is a business management software company designed specifically with the childcare and after school program in mind. The designers of this outstanding software spent several years studying every single step of childcare operations interviewing scores of childcare workers and directors, analyzing each and every step for effeciency and effectiveness.

After years of carefully analyzing and documenting the steps of childcare directors, Help's Here has come to the rescue of the director. Helps Here has simplified the process of recording student attendance and staff time-keeping. Helps Here has put in place a single entry accountability system. When a student attendance is taken the first time, attendance is posted to the attendance module, the bookkeeping module, and the master attendance module as required by most states. This same attendance is posted to the meals schedule and all other state required documents. This is all done automatically with one Help's Here posting."

In the infant and toddler departments feeding and changing activities are all recorded automatically.