Help's Here is a web based database for childcare facilities. This means that all software and data is stored on our web server and is available to you from any computer with internet access. There are no upgrades to install and no disks to find if your computer crashes.
  1. Initial setup fee: $599.00 one time only.
  2. Membership and technical support fee: $99.00/mo.
Terms of Service. Click the Automatic Billing button and set up a monthly payment of $99.00 with PayPal. (Skip this step if registering as a beta tester.) Company Name: Company Address: City: State: Zip: Company Telephone: Extension: Company E-mail: Contact First Name: Last Name: Contact Telephone: Extension: Contact E-Mail: SALESPERSON First Name: Last Name: Number: Sales Territory: Fill out Registration form here, then click "Register" button below. Payment Method: We use PayPal for all payments. Please click the "Purchase" button to pay the setup and software use licensing fee through PayPal. Upon completion you will be returned to this page. You must then click the "Automatic Billing" button to finish.
Membership and Tech Support Fee:
$99.00 USD/Mo.
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